Fangirl's Guide to Star War's Fashion

My first Fangirl fashion segment was my excitement over cute Loki fashion finally available. Well with Star Wars still in the air (because really, when is it ever not in the air) I wanted to feature some of the cutest fashion finds for those Star Wars Fangirls out there. Work appropriate and Fangirl fashion don't always go hand in hand so I'm trying to focus all my finds in that area!

Porg Retro Skirt
By Her Universe
$49.90 $39.92

The only thing cuter than a porg is literally this skirt. Classic, work appropriate and only nerd relevant those who are cool enough to notice. My favorite sort of fashion choice. 

Porg Retro Cardigan 
By Her Universe
$58.90 $47.12

I probably wouldn't pair this cardigan with the skirt, that would be a bit too much teal for me, but I would happily wear it with a solid skirt, or black pants. I think it's a cute cut, conservative, work-friendly and the subtle Porg embroidery on the collar is great. 

Star Wars Initial Cardigan
By Her Universe
$44.90 $35.92

So this one is really subtle you have to look close to see the mint green embroidered SW on the cardigan but if you're looking for a really subtle look, this is certainly cute. It's light grey also makes it versatile. It could be dressed up and down. 


Not Ready for a full-on Fangirl fashion statement? Sometimes the best approach is an accessory. I used to do lots of scarves, earrings little pops of something. Try these!

R2-D2 Royal Pearl Cuff
By Her Universe
$58.90 $47.12

This is classy and nerdy and I love it. Every girl needs pearls and a pic of a lifelong favorite droid, just makes it that much cuter. 

C-3P0 and R2-D2 Golden Cuff
By Her Universe
$34.90 $27.92

Simple, understated, totally adorable. 

Death Star Crossbody Bag
By Hot Topic
$29.90 $23.92

Too cute to pass up.

Hunter: The Fallen One (Review)

Hunter: The Fallen One (A Lian Hunter Adventure)
By C.L. Hagely
199 pages | October 31st 2016 |  Rogue Phoenix Press

A hostile takeover of earth is unfolding secretly right before our very eyes. Is this a political move, or is something much more ancient and sinister at hand? Mystery schools were formed by the elite to train soldiers to further their agenda.

Lian Hunter is a freshman at one of these schools for the exclusively wealthy – the Tri- Asterisk Academy in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. When students start suddenly disappearing, Lian starts to feel something evil and corrupt underlying the veneer of the academy. Can he uncover the truth about his school before it is too late or is he just another soldier in training?

I want to start by saying I was given an e-copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

I'm extremely sorry to say that I did not love this book. I wanted to, I thought from the sound of the description that I would enjoy but reading it from start to finish, proved me wrong.

It had the perfect Young Adult formula. Regular, successful kid who unwillingly becomes involved in something extraordinary and has to find a way to overcome it. It should have worked, but it just didn't.

Starting off, visually I wasn't intrigued. A simplistic cover is fine however the fonts and the colouring of it all together simply didn't work. I looked at it and thought it appeared like a 1990s drugstore paperback thriller for a missing child.

It didn't scream a Young Adult futuristic action thriller, nothing about looking at this cover told me anything the book was about.

It's not visually appealing, if I saw this book on the shelf or scrolling through Amazon I would never have stopped to look, I wouldn't have thought to even stop and check it out.

I typically love stories that begin or revolve around a mysterious school but this wasn't well executed. I feel like it wasn't beta tested on anyone in the age group. It had the cover of an adult book, the prose of a child's book and the dialogue was off-putting. It didn't read naturally, it read forced. A lot of detail seemed to be missing and we were expected to fill in the blanks which often times, can be a useful tool but here it wasn't.

I think this book, which is the first in a series, could have potential with rebranding. Some beta reading, new graphics, a re-write with more details. I'm a huge supporter of Indie efforts but there has to be a level of 'professionalism' visually for it to succeed otherwise I find readers and the market do not take it seriously.

For now though, I simply couldn't recommend this book.

*No Author Information Available 

Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle (Film Review)

Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle
By: Jake Kasdan
PG-13 | 1h 59min | 20 December 2017 | Columbia Pictures

When four high-school kids discover an old video game console with a game they've never heard of--Jumanji--they are immediately drawn into the game's jungle setting, literally becoming the avatars they chose: gamer Spencer becomes a brawny adventurer (Dwayne Johnson); football jock Fridge loses (in his words) "the top two feet of his body" and becomes an Einstein (Kevin Hart); popular girl Bethany becomes a middle-aged male professor (Jack Black); and wallflower Martha becomes a badass warrior (Karen Gillan). What they discover is that you don't just play Jumanji--you must survive it. To beat the game and return to the real world, they'll have to go on the most dangerous adventure of their lives, discover what Alan Parrish left 20 years ago, and change the way they think about themselves--or they'll be stuck in the game forever...

So I always got into a Remake, or reboot with a certain level of apprehension, particularly when I'm familiar with and a fan of the original. Still, when I saw the trailers for Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, I knew this was going to be a reboot that I wanted to see. It was like The Breakfast Club, meets Tron, meets Jumanji. Then when I got to the theatre, I appreciated the fact that it was treated more like a sequel. It kept the spirit, the feeling of the original story and also paid homage to it without overshadowing or making light of it. 

There was that level of enjoyment but also fear and uncertainty of how it would turn out that made the original Jumanji the classic hit it is. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson was a hit, as usual, and there was a great amusement in the way he played a neurotic, insecure teenage boy so flawlessly. That being said, Jack Black, also made the perfect teenage girl. Who knew. 

There was a level of campiness to it but that's what made the film excel with its campiness. It embodied the strangeness of the video game world with the spirit of Jumanji. From strange powers and weaknesses to odd strengths and the way they presented themselves.

It was a little less family friendly than some might have expected. There were a few swears, and a lot of sexual innuendos which while funny to myself and my teenage family members I was with, were confusing to the 5-8 year-old kids that were seated in the rows in front of us. Some just laughed cluelessly because the rest of us were laughing but others were looking puzzled at their parents for an explanation they clearly weren't prepared to give. 

So I would just think twice about bring too little kids because they probably won't enjoy it as much as they probably could. It also did have some creepy moments that even I had to look away for. Bugs crawling in and out of people's ears and mouths and stuff is a bit much for me. 

The evolution of the characters was well placed, their insecurities, their development and how they eventually come together to work to achieve their common goal was a high point of the film.  

Overall I found it a really enjoyable film that I have recommended to everyone. If you haven't seen it yet, get to it! 

Star Wars : The Last Jedi (Film Review)

Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi
Written By: Rian Johnson
 2h 32min | 15 December 2017 | Lucasfilm & Disney

Rey develops her newly discovered abilities with the guidance of Luke Skywalker, who is unsettled by the strength of her powers. Meanwhile, the Resistance prepares to do battle with the First Order.

Star Wars, as a long time fan of the Franchise I'm not one who tends to be too overly critical of the films. I have my annoyances sure, my own preferences but overall I can say I've never walked away from a Star Wars Film overly horrified. Okay, Rogue One might have been the exception but that wasn't because it was a bad film that ending just shook me to my core. 

The Last Jedi, for me, brought much of what I had hoped for in The Force Awakens. We got a taste of the past, the old characters while actually getting to explore a new story, a new world, new characters. This film felt much less lost in nostalgia than the last.

It had a lot going for it. Rey's strength and unwillingness to give up. Finn's dedication to proving that among everything he'd done he does want to be a hero of the resistance. The sexual chemistry between Poe and literally everyone. BB-8 comes out as the clear, on top hero of it all and my new favorite droid of the entire franchise. I'm sorry've officially been dethroned, you were never this helpful.


One thing I really have to say was that I was underwhelmed with the character of Rose. Which, is kind of a bummer. I was pretty excited about the prospect at first, here she was this female mechanic and engineer with this sad backstory, a sister that was instrumental in taking down the enemy ship, and literally gave her life to do so and..... we get a Fangirl. 

Her personality was a bit flat, which I just sort of let slide as part of the anti-social, timid thing and yet like a badass, she'd turned around and stunned Finn like no big deal. I don't... I just don't really know what to make of her. It felt like she was really a wasted opportunity. 

Then they just sort of ... throw in this 'I love you' moment with Finn a guy she's known for.... a day? I sat there feeling extremely uncomfortable, waiting for Finn to open up and confess "...uhhh too soon." Because really, really, really too soon.  I'm pretty disappointed in the writers on this one, I though Disney had grown beyond the 'we just met and fell in love' storyline, I think she could have been an amazing character and after that near-death confession, I was sitting there, kind of wishing she'd died. 

I just don't understand who that moment was for... because looking around at the audience none of us wanted that... Finn didn't seem all that into it either. We were trying to give him the opportunity to realize that he matter to someone because I think if that was the idea it undercut the obvious way that Poe, Ren and ummm BB-8 love Finn. He didn't need this at that moment, we didn't need it at that moment so what the actual f?

I don't know maybe it'll come together more in the next film. 

Kylo Ren and Rey were #goals for about 20 minutes of the movie off and on. I also think that it was a wasted opportunity to be the redemption of the darkside before it was too late. What a mind fuck that would have been, but instead the moment was squashed like a bug. The ending fight scene was kind of great and there were hints that had me going 'wait..why-' and then it made itself clear. I had figured it out a bit before it was revealed. 

Over all I really enjoyed it. It was its own true story with the base of true Star Wars at its core. If you haven't seen it yet, get up and get going! 

Fangirl's Guide to Loki Fashion

Can I please just say that this is the moment I've been waiting for since the very first Thor movie came out. I have always loved Loki, his mischievous ways, his attitude, everything about him was fantastic. The one major problem I always had was finding ways to show it.

I remember my first trip the local comic con, among the tables and walls of t-shirts and hoodies there was extremely limited among of Loki Merchandise available. In fact, I recall a grand total of two t-shirt designs that featured the God of Mischief and really not much else.

Not to say I haven't found my fair share of Fangirl wear but when you work in an office environment it could be hard to find work appropriate attire. That is where Her Universe and Hot Topic has come to the rescue.

So many of their pieces are Subtle enough for everyday wear but have the details that any true fangirl, or boy would recognize. EVEN BETTER There's now an entire Loki line! Christmas list complete.


$49.90 $39.92 USD

Currently 20% off 

Sizes XS-3X

Available at HER UNIVERSE

Also Available at HOT TOPIC

This piece is beautiful and could be easily dressed up, pair with a blazer for work and when you look at the green velvet fabric you see the Loki crown embellished dress. I would wear this to work, also a Christmas party, out on a date. Very versatile.


$69.90 USD


Ony Available at HOT TOPIC

This piece I am absolutely in love with, the Her Universe website had a black version of it but I feel like the green really captures the Loki spirit. It's cut much like Loki's costume and If you get a closer look at the lapel on the jacket it's clear to see the little gold studs with his crown featured. I would happily add this piece to my wardrobe and get a lot of use out of it.


$59.90 $47.92

Currently 20% off 

Sizes XS-3X

Available at HER UNIVERSE

This would be a super cute workpiece if you love that cape look. I prefer it as seen in the photo here with a long sleeve black shirt underneath because it helps it looked like a complete piece. I have seen photos of it over a lighter short sleeve shirt and I feel like the contrast actually takes away from the blazer as a whole. Plus it's winter up here in Canada and the thought alone is leaving me chilly!

Do you have any favorite fangirl pieces that you own and wear on the regular? I'd love to see what you've got!