10 Signs You're a Book Addict

10) The Bookstore is Your Happy Place

Okay, maybe you don't break out into song (hey, maybe you do I don't judge) but, there is just something so magical for a book lover about the atmosphere of their favorite bookshop. 

9) You Ran Out of Shelf Space Years Ago.

Do you have more Bookshelves in your home than any other type of furniture? Yeah, me too...and it's still not enough space. 

8) You Know Books Can Take You Out of This World!

There's nothing quite like the adventure of escaping into a good book and traveling through the story with your heroes and heroines.

7) You can spot a fellow reader from a mile away just based on their references

Us bookworms have to stick together! No one will every appreciate our stories like we do!

6) You know that Book Boyfriends/Girlfriends are the best! 

Nothing makes me awww quite so much as a good book romance, it's like you've become completely and utterly invested in these relationships. 

5) Books can give you hundreds of friends, hell sometimes they ARE your friends. 

When you're feeling lonely or need support books can provide a special kind of comfort and escape you just can't find elsewhere, just like a good friend. 

4) You know books aren't just for amusement, they're an investment. 

Whenever you have spare $$ it's probably going to books, but that's okay because you can't put a price on the love of reading...right?

3) You laugh out loud when reading, and you laugh out loud a lot. 

We've all gotten to that funny part of the book that just draws the chuckle right out from us. We can't help it if our book friends are witty AF. Ignore the looks, you get it, that's all that matters.

2) You ignored people around you long before the Smartphone issue 

Nothing can scoop up your mind quite like a good book. It's easy to get lost in those pages, so just leave us alone okay! 

1) You're not afraid to let those OTP feels get to you. 

There's nothing quite so devastating for a reader as when a beloved character dies, or an OTP breaks up. Book lovers aren't afraid to let out a good cry to mourn those losses

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