The Audible Addiction

I never thought a time in my life would come where I would find that I didn't have oodles of time to read. I am a fast reader, and when I love a story I can get through it in a day if I'm dedicated enough. I used to read two to three books in a week, so many more in a month. Then with working, soccer, writing my own stories I suddenly found books that were taking me a couple days suddenly were taking me weeks, sometimes months to finish. MONTHS. Totally unheard of for me.

So I have to admit I was pretty thrilled with my 30-day free membership from AUDIBLE, Amazon's audio book company. Listening to the books take a bit longer than if I were reading them myself but the difference is that I can listen anywhere! In the car on the way to work, in the kitchen while I'm cooking, in the bathroom getting ready in the morning. You name it, I can listen to a book while I do (within reason of course). The same can't be said for holding my paperbacks up.

Books I'd been putting off reading are done, or books that were exceptionally long and overwhelming to look at were much easier for me to listen to. Since signing up for Audible I've listening to so many different stories including Ender's Game and most recently starting The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

The enjoyment of an audio book really depends a lot on the narrator so ALWAYS look at the reviews, they will tell you a lot because even a great book can be ruined by bad narration.

Still, if you're been putting off trying audio books there's really no time like the present and if you're already a member let me know why, and how you like to enjoy your audio books!

If you're not a member yet try the offer below for two free books!!

The Virgin's Daughter

The Virgin's Daughter (Tudor Legacy #1)
By Laura Andersen
368 pages | May 26th 2015 | Ballantine Books


Perfect for fans of Philippa Gregory and Alison Weir, The Virgin's Daughter is the first book in a captivating new saga about the next generation of Tudor royals, which poses the thrilling question: What if Elizabeth I, the celebrated Virgin Queen, gave birth to a legitimate heir? 

Since the death of her brother, William, Elizabeth I has ruled England. She’s made the necessary alliances, married Philip of Spain, and produced a successor: her only daughter, Anne Isabella, Princess of Wales. Elizabeth knows that her beloved Anabel will be a political pawn across Europe unless she can convince Philip to grant her a divorce, freeing him to remarry and give Spain its own heir. But the enemies of England have even greater plans for the princess, a plot that will put Anabel’s very life and the security of the nation in peril. Only those closest to Elizabeth—her longtime confidante Minuette, her advisor and friend Dominic, and the couple’s grown children—can be trusted to carry forth a most delicate and dangerous mission. Yet, all of the queen’s maneuverings may ultimately prove her undoing. 

I will start by saying that while I enjoy historical fiction and alternate story lines I also enjoy history a great deal. That being said I was hesitant to even give this book a change the moment I read the blurb line 'Since the death of her brother, William' given the fact that I know Queen Elizabeth I brother was Edward. I blinked in confusion staring at it for a moment before I realized that this was a completely alternate universe where Willaim was a fictional son of Anne Boleyn from the author's The Boleyn King book. 

So beware although it indicates that it's the first in a series, it's really not! It's a So spin off of the author's other series. Either way, I decided to give the book a shot, but I will recommend to other readers that you start with the others books first to best understand the whole alternate world the book is set in.  

It was worth a read though, this story of how Elizabeth I life might have been was well written, intriguing and enjoyable. Those who have a thirst for accurate historical interpretation will likely not enjoy the spin of the tale but I found to my surprise that I did! 

Laura Andersen has one husband, four children, and a college degree in English that she puts to non-profitable use by reading everything she can lay her hands on. Books, shoes, and travel are her fiscal downfalls, which she justifies because all three ‘take you places.’ She loves the ocean (but not sand), forests (but not camping), good food (but not cooking), and shopping (there is no downside.) She lives in Massachusetts with her family.