Final Divergent Installment to Air on TV

The Divergent series is a much-loved bookverse. The series sold millions of copies worldwide and millions of people grew to love the book's Heroine Tris Prior.

The third book in the series also devastated and angered readers worldwide.

Here's why.


So if you've already read the book you know, like many of the others in this YA world, that Tris dies.


After spending three full books growing to learn about Tris, about her life and her struggles. After watching her lose her family and friends, and growing to love and adore this character. She dies.

Aside from the crushing of your soul. Not a whole lot is really accomplished from this.

Arguably, the character's actions are well suited to her character. I couldn't even count the number of times I screamed at her to stop lying to Four. Countless times she sneaks off, purposely putting herself in harm's way in order to protect the others.

It really should have been no surprise that this was how the series chose to end.

Yet somehow this turn of events caused a HUGE disturbance in the force.

It's probably safe to say that this knowledge is one of the reasons that the Allegiant film didn't perform as well as expected in its 2016 theatre release. Also, potentially one of the main reasons the final installment has now been adapted to a Made for TV Movie. 

That's right. MADE FOR TV MOVIE. It will be joining the ranks of Lifetime specials and Disney Original Films. When you have a successful Franchise it's supposed to head the opposite direction!

Case in point High School Musical's 3rd installment saw a widespread, and successful theatrical release.

Star of the Trilogy and Tris Prior herself Shailene Woodley has said she is not interested is doing Ascendent as a Television production. So will we be seeing a new face on Tris? Or will the studio drop the resolution all together? 

Amidst the uproar of fans over this turn of events in the series, one of the films stars likes the twist in the book regarding Tris' demise. He's been quoted saying.

“I thought it was a natural — I thought it totally made sense. Her whole philosophy in life is selflessness and giving. She’s almost like a semi-Christ figure in that way. She’s endlessly selfless, and it seem like an obvious, natural course for her to give her life for the sake of others,” - Theo James (Four)

With the Television release of the probably unneeded (and might I add, non-existent in the book wold) Ascendent on the horizon, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Did you love or hate the ending of the Allegiant novel?

Did you see the 2016 film?

Will you be watching the premiere of Ascendent in its Television debut?

Let me know in the comments below!

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