A Lost Legacy: Wandering (Promo Post)

A Lost Legacy: Wandering (Lost Legacies 0.5)
By C.E Dimond
110 Pages | Write Addictions Publishing | June 5, 2016


Prequel Novella to the LOST LEGACIES SERIES

Eamon O'Neill was born and raised in the Broadhaven Coven, which meant two things. One, he was inherently magic, and two, he had a role to place.What his role was, never seemed to be clear.

When the opportunity of a lifetime presents itself, to track down the last living Witch in their Coven, he is determined to be the man for the job. 

We know what happened to Finn Adams after Eamon O'Neill dropped into her life. But little is known about how the mysterious and frustrating Warlock found her.

A Lost Legacy: Wandering, is the story of Eamon O'Neill. Written from his Point of View, this story looks at his time leading up to his adventure in Port Moyle. How did he get the task? Why did he want it in the first place?

This Prequel to A Lost Legacy: Awakening,  explores the ups and downs of a life at Broadhaven, and the struggle of living in a father's shadow. 

 I’ve always had a hard time finding my place in the Coven.

 Being born and raised at Broadhaven ensured two things.  One, you were inherently magic, and two, you had a role to play. What my role was, never seemed to be clear. My Dad was the coven’s history buff. I suppose that was where I was meant to take over, to be the keeper and teacher of all things historical.  I’d found that seventeen was a pretty standard age to start questioning your place in the world, except my concerns were always a little bit more, mystical. 

 Unlike most of the kids my age, I wasn't worrying about where I went to college, or what my future job would be. Instead, I worried about whether I was good enough to be the O’Neill heir. That’s why, when I first heard whispers of the McLoughlin daughter, I knew that I wanted the job. This would be a chance to prove myself.

The voices had started to carry up the stairs towards my room. That was the problem with old houses, even stone mansions like this one. It was well built, sturdy and unshakable, but the lofty ceilings carried voices farther than it ought to. I hadn’t bothered to listen at first; I had more important things to do, like Pre-Calculus. As the intensity of the conversation grew, my curiosity got the best of me. Standing from my desk, I pushed my homework aside and moved to the edge of the stairs. Whatever they were talking about, it was getting heated. I crept my way down the stairs, positioning myself just outside the council room door, to take a listen.

I don’t know if our elders just thought we were dumb, or maybe too respectful to listen in on their councils. Whatever the case, whether they questioned our intelligence or not, they never did a great job of sound proofing the room. Given that all the gatherings were held in my home, I always had the advantage. Their voices carried through the heavy wood as though they were all standing right next to me. The youngest daughter of Niamh McLoughlin, formerly Niamh Cavanagh, was alive. Huh, who would have thought? Given the fact that we had all grown up believing the McLoughlin line was, for lack of a better word, extinguished, it was certainly big news.

 I knew that Broadhaven wasn’t exactly a lucky place for women. Almost all of our coven's mothers, mine included, had died at some point over the past twelve years. Despite that unfortunate truth, I had always found it suspicious that not one, but two of the McLoughlin daughters had died. I hadn’t known either personally, at least not that I could recall. Their tales though, their existence current or not, were part of the history.

It seemed as though my father, after all, this time, had been hiding a terrible truth. He had lied, at least about the second one. She had never died at Cormac’s hand, but in fact, he had known she was alive all along. I was pretty shocked. I knew my Dad was a mysterious guy, but I would never have guessed he had that sort of bombshell up his sleeve. Course, we didn’t exactly talk these days. Even if there had been clues, I would never have picked up on them.

“She needs protection,” I heard Cian O’Connor speak up. His gruff voice was distinctive in comparison to the other members . “If what you’re saying is true, she hasn’t been trained. She’ll be turning sixteen right away and all that pent up power-"

“It could be dangerous,” Brendan Cavanaugh cut in. As the girl's Uncle he, in my opinion, had the most say. “For her, but as well as anyone else in that little town. Forget waiting until her birthday. We should be retrieving her now.”

“You can’t just go barging into a young girls life! Walk in telling her she’s a danger and pulling her out of the only life she’s ever known!” Owen O’Brien was always the voice of reason. He protested every rash act, most times to Cian’s annoyance.

“Well. What do you suppose we do then O’Brien? Leave her there? Let Cormac get his hands on her? If he has even an inkling that she’s alive, he will be waiting for her to come into her power!”
“You can’t just walk in and tell the girl she’s a witch.”

My father was staying quiet through this all. Always letting them have it out; I wasn’t sure I had the patience for that.

"How can you have kept this from me Patrick? She's my niece! If anyone here had the right to know she was alive, it's me."

"I promised Niamh that no one would know, I'm sorry Brendan but that included you."
"Why would my own sister want to keep something like this from me?"

"She didn't want anyone to know. The fewer people that knew about her plan, the less risk that Cormac would find out."

"Right, and a fat load of good that did her! You stood by and watched him kill her!" I listened for another retort but the room had gone quiet. Niamh had always been a touchy subject for him, something I never quite understood.

"I did," he growled, "what she asked of me. I'm sorry that she died that night, but it was not my doing." He sounded as if he were trying to convince himself, rather than the others.

"Right and I suppose Miriam's death wasn't your doing either."

My mother's name drew anger in my chest. In moments I was on my feet, ready to storm through the door and give Brendan Cavanagh a piece of my mind. Her death had been over a decade ago, but I remembered it fresh in my mind like it had only happened yesterday. I stopped at the door as I heard the sound of my father's chair push back and I knew he was on his feet. I could sense the anger that was radiating through him because the same was coursing through me.

"Brendan!" Owen spoke up now. "We have all lost people, pointing fingers isn't going to do much good at this point."

"Who the hell have you lost Owen?" It seemed like my father was no longer the target. "I've lost Catriona and Niamh! Cian's lost Rose, Patrick's lost Miriam, hell even Cormac's lost his wife and daughters. What do you know about loss."

"Are you sympathizing with the enemy now Cavanaugh?"

"No. I'm just saying you don't understand. You can't understand. If Patrick had talked Niamh out of her insane plan, she never would have died, none of them ever would have died!"

No one seemed to have a protest for this. I wondered if they were right. It sounded as if my father had been the one who had kickstarted this all by taking the young girl away. If Brendan was right, my father taking a different course of action could have saved my mother's life.

I am an Irish-Canadian Young Adult author who was born in Winnipeg, Canada (yes, it really does exist). I love my city and love even more that it's become Hollywood's running joke (Don't believe me? Just check out Youtube).

I have always been a writer, from poems in my Grade 6 diary (Ode to Hobbits), to short stories in the back of my math's book. I have always loved to create stories and find myself constantly creating new characters. 

I am a dedicated Fangirl of many proportions and I have a knack for getting expressions all wrong and saying incredibly stupid, but often hilarious things (My graduation gift from my friends was a book of my own quotes).

I am a proud alumna of St. Mary’s Academy, an all-girls Catholic prep school and I studied Theatre and Film at the University of Winnipeg. Currently, I am still hanging out in Winnipeg. 

Intertwined (Blog Tour)

By Jenn Marie
July 3rd 2016 | Smashwords 

Quiet seventeen-year-old Elizabeth Parker is looking forward to another mellow summer with her goofy relatives: sun tanning at the beach and staying out of trouble. Which is why the thought of her younger cousin participating in what is, clearly, a setup disguised as an initiation, worries her to the point of intervention.
One that backfires … big time …

Mistaken for her cousin, Elizabeth finds herself transported to an abandoned plantation, a place deeply haunted with unresolved mystery and where horror reigns every summer between July 20 and August 13.

It is there, locked in the pitch dark, where she finds herself paired with the strange and mysterious Adam Hunt—an unexpected trespasser with his own agenda. Together, they find a list of instructions—follow the clues to various possessions in the house, store them in the backpack provided, and find the key that will grant escape.

Having snuck in to document the haunting, Adam offers to help her find the key so long as she helps him record paranormal activity along the way. But as they make their way through the house, they soon discover unexplained anomalies…

For the first time in the plantation's recorded history, the haunting deviates from its known cycle of events, thrusting Elizabeth and Adam in a series of perilous circumstances that ensue long after the night is over.

As the last day of the haunting draws nearer, and as forces beyond their control ignite their growing attraction, Elizabeth and Adam must work together to uncover the plantations mysterious past before it's too late.

Or die trying.

Warning: Occasional coarse language. Intended for Mature Young Adult audience.

 I really loved this book, it was a journey into the past without actually having to detail with the complex and often controversial concept of time travel. It's been a while since I've had a good paranormal read and this was definitely one! I was fascinated by the concept and both loved the characters as well as the plot.  It was well paced and managed to keep my attention throughout. 

I found Lizzie relatable and loved watching her grow out of her own comfort zone as she was faced with the trouble. I did wish that we got to see more of the protagonist's own history since I felt it was just sort of touched open, offering a brief explanation. 

Over all the book was creepy, and fantastic. I definitely recommend it if you're a fan of spooky reads. 

Jenn Marie currently lives in sunny California with her wonderful husband and their runt kitty, Chloe. When she's not writing Young Adult Fiction, she can be found reading, plotting or spending time with her crazy, lovable family. Current obsessions include the movie, Frozen, the New Girl series, Arcade Fire's latest album, and avocados. Seriously, she can't get enough of it! Writing, for her, is a passion that refuses to be under prioritized. No matter what's going on in her life, whether good or bad, writing is always there to lift her spirits.

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Spell Slinger (Promo Post)

Spell Slinger
By K.N Lee
143 pages | Captive Quill Press | June 14, 2016 

*free for a limited time on Amazon

Yara Ortuso always knew she'd follow in her father's footsteps as a Spell Slinger. The Ortuso clan has kept order in the West District of Allarya since the beginning of time, but a greedy king wants all of the magic for himself.

After King Loric executes her father, Yara vows to end the reign of murder and tyranny. But when the skeleton key transports Yara and her companion—a crow shifter named Hero to the distant future, she must adapt to this new world. 

The future is an alluring and mysterious place, where a handsome bar owner yearns to warm Yara's cold heart—and King Loric still lives. 

What's a Spell Slinger to do when faced with a threat that could not only ruin her chance for love but send her to the Soul Haven for all eternity?

FEAR THREATENED TO CRIPPLE YARA as she passed the servants harvesting the grapes of Torrington Orchard.

It was a cool autumn morning, and yet Yara felt sweat bead on her forehead and in the crease between her bosom.

“Good morning, my lady,” one of the workers said, bowing her bonnet-covered head.

She feigned a smile, and yet her heart pounded inside her chest as she hid the blood that stained her bodice by letting her long white hair hang over her narrow shoulders.

Be brave, Yara thought as she wrung her shaking hands.

“Hero,” she spoke to the wind. “Please get me out of here. I’m serious this time.”

Yara broke into a run toward the stables, no longer caring who she vexed by her sudden action. She didn’t have much time. The body would surely be found at any moment.

The sun warmed her cold cheeks as she looked to the sky.

Come on, Hero. Hurry.

She grabbed her long navy skirts into her fists as her feet pounded the stone path that led to the front gate. Soldiers stood guard on either end of the locked gate, their swords secure at the waist.

A squawking sound came from the distance and Yara snatched off her wedding band, tossing it into the bushes that lined the road.

Her heart thumped in her chest as one of the soldiers glanced her way. He narrowed his eyes at her. “Where are you going?”

She ignored him, keeping her attention fixed on that gate. They’d hang her if she ever got caught, but she had to risk it.

A royal decree was announced.

Magic is abolished.

All Spell Slingers are to be executed.

Those with magic must go to the capital of Allarya for evaluation.

Those who resist will be executed.

There was no way she could stand by and let her father be executed. Life as a concubine was over for Yara. It was time to stop running from her destiny.

To be a Spell Slinger.

A grin came to her face, despite the tears that trailed down her cheeks as a tall young man dressed in all black appeared outside of the gate, his pale skin almost translucent as he held a hand out toward her.

Black hair covered  his dark eyes. Clean shaven, and baby-faced, Hero was her greatest friend, one that would risk his life to save hers.

She chewed her lip, quickening her pace as she prayed that they would both survive this.
“Ay,” the guard shouted, drawing his sword. “Stop right now, miss. We don’t want to have to hurt you.”

Yara ignored them. She needed every bit of concentration to do what she’d been planning for the past few days. She would have served her time in this horrid place for all eternity if they’d have left her family alone.

The king wanted to abolish magic, and no one could stop him.

Except Yara.

She gritted her teeth and with a burst of energy shot outside of her body, a blue aura encircling her as her soul unfused.

Hero cracked a grin, his eyes narrowing behind strands of black hair. “Good girl,” he whispered, a black mist shooting from his hand and reaching for her like a raging wind.

The soldiers stumbled backward, having never seen such a display of raw power.

As if encased in ice, Yara’s entire body went cold as her soul left it behind. Her body was indeed frozen in place as her consciousness rode her soul out of the magic-bonded gate.

No human, shifter, or sorcerer could exit that gate.

But, a Meta could.

Born half sorceress, and half Meta, Yara could do many things that the world had never even heard of.
As Hero pulled her soul to his open palm, she felt safe and warm, having shed her human form.

Once through the gate, he tucked her soul into his body and shifted into a crow.

Soon, Torrington Estate would be far behind them, and Yara would need to create herself a brand new body.

hair covered


K.N. Lee is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. When she is not writing twisted tales, fantasy novels, and dark poetry, she does a great deal of traveling and promotes other authors. Wannabe rockstar, foreign language enthusiast, and anime geek, K.N. Lee also enjoys helping others reach their writing and publishing goals. She is a winner of the Elevate Lifestyle Top 30 Under 30 "Future Leaders of Charlotte" award for her success as a writer, business owner, and for community service.

She is signed with Captive Quill Press and Patchwork Press.

K.N. Lee loves hearing from fans and readers. Connect with her! 

Frostbitten (Promo Post)

By Heather Beck
284 pages | September 13th 2014 | Enchanted Publishing 


Great beauty hides dark secrets...

Seventeen-year-old Anastasia Lockhart has never led an easy life, but when she starts getting into serious trouble, she’s sent to live with her grandparents in Cedar Falls. The small, picturesque town hasn’t changed since she visited four years ago, with one exception – the presence of a handsome, mysterious boy named Frost. Despite warnings from her grandparents and friends to stay away from Frost, Anastasia can’t deny their attraction, and the more time they spend together, the deeper in love they fall. Unfortunately, Frost has a secret that is beyond Anastasia’s wildest imagination, and she soon finds herself in the midst of a supernatural legend that has haunted Cedar Falls for years.

Can Anastasia and Frost’s love really overcome anything, or are their fates much darker?

The air inside Anastasia’s bedroom was frigid, causing her to subconsciously retreat further under the duvet in an attempt to keep warm. Wind whipped at her hair and exposed skin, chilling her to the bone, and as her eyes slowly fluttered open, she realized that something was wrong. Sitting up, she wrapped the duvet tightly around herself. That’s when she heard an odd noise, like a succession of small clinks every time she moved. Carefully, she swept her hand over the duvet, cringing as several shards of glass scraped her skin. 

A gust of wind blew through the bedroom, directing Anastasia’s attention toward the window. Wildly, the curtains blew back and forth, revealing the shattered pane. It looked like something large had smashed through the window, and as the moon’s glow intensified and streamed into her bedroom, she saw dark red blood dripping from the broken glass, pitter-pattering as it fell upon the ledge.

Suddenly, the floorboards creaked and then she heard a low, angry growl. Anastasia’s heart raced as she spun around to see a wolf standing at the foot of her bed. She wanted to yell for help but quickly realized that any loud noise may provoke an attack. Instead, she tried to stop herself from shaking as she stared at the wolf. He was large and black, with piercing yellow eyes that seemed to burn into her soul. Her stare aggravated the wolf as he let out another growl and hunched his back.

Knowing that she had to get out of the bedroom, Anastasia slowly began to step out of bed. In response, the wolf snarled, revealing razor-sharp fangs that were covered in saliva. With her first plan unsuccessful, she decided to find a large or, better yet, sharp object. If she acted fast enough, maybe she could protect herself. She looked around, examining everything in her bedroom, but unfortunately, she found nothing that would be even slightly helpful. A cold realization swept over her; she was trapped, and the wolf was anything but friendly.

Aggressively, the wolf pounced onto Anastasia’s bed and then crept forward, forcing her backwards until she hit the headboard. As the wolf brought his face close to hers, his breath momentarily lingering like a cloud, she caught a whiff of raw meat. Immediately, she felt like being sick.
“Easy, boy,” Anastasia said in a soft, shaky tone.

In a bloodthirsty rage, the wolf leapt on top of Anastasia and ripped his fangs into her left shoulder. She screamed as an intense pain shot throughout her body, immobilizing her in the process. As the wolf’s fangs dug deeper into her flesh, the agony worsened and soon became unbearable. Then everything went black.

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Heather Beck is a Canadian Author and Screenwriter who began writing professionally at the age of sixteen. Since then she has written eleven well-reviewed books, including the bestselling series, The Horror Diaries, which has sold in six continents.

Heather received an Honors Bachelor of Arts degree from university where she specialized in English and studied an array of disciplines. Currently, she is working on the Frostbitten series and has two anthologies slated for publication. As a screenwriter, Heather has multiple television shows and movies in development. Her short films include: Young Eyes, The Rarity, Too Sensible For Love, Circular, and the forthcoming Witch’s Brew.

Besides writing, Heather’s greatest passion is the outdoors. She is an award-winning fisherwoman and a regular hiker. Her hobbies include swimming, playing badminton and volunteering with non-profit organizations.

The Hybrid (Review)

The Hybrid 
By Venus Morales
240 pages | February 9th 2015 | Venus Morales

Ari, is the daughter of Ares; the God of War. Half Goddess & half Phoenician, raised in secrecy by her father until her 18th birthday. Ari, ventures out into the mortal realm & crosses paths with an archangel Julius, who bears a message from a seer.

Ari, needs to regain her late mother's crown. But, first must complete a series of trials. Little does she know, she's fighting for her life. Given, only 7 days to prepare, Ari is not only fighting against her inner darkness that is trying to consume her, she now has an unknown enemy that keeps trying to kill her.

Ari doesn't know who she can trust, when she can't even trust herself. Ari does the one thing she knows she must do to survive; by forging herself into the weapon she was born to be.

The setting of Supernatural creatures in Louisiana did have an air of familiarity about it. It reminded me of stories like True Blood and The Originals. The story itself, was rather unique. Instead of your typical combination of Vampires and Werewolves, The Hybrid explored a world that included Demi-Gods and Greek Mythology. Ari, is the daughter of the Greek God of War Ares, and raised in secrecy by him until he is forced to return to Olympus on her 18th birthday.

The characters were well developed and I found myself easily getting pulled into their world!

The book had an overall speedy nature. It was beautifully set up but my disappointment was in the conclusion of the story. It all happened too quickly. I missed the build up and excitement of how things were going to turn out because just as soon as they had started wrapping up, it felt like it was already over.

There was definitely some structural issues with the story but there is certainly a lot of potential for this series and I can't wait to see where it goes next. I received this book in exchange for honest review.

Who am I, you ask? I am a woman who wears many hats. A mother of 3 wonderful boys is my first, and foremost priority. Then it trickles down from there, I'm a wife, an awesome cook, and a mommy to two dogs and a lazy loveable cat. Then there's my alternate life.. The writer :-) she is the kid who refuses to grow up. Stuck in a mind state of a teenager, who still has imaginary friends. The two halves of me get along great!! As long as I let the writer out, and listen to my imaginary friends tell me their stories. I enjoy my time with my imaginary friends . Without them we wouldn't have books or movies :-)

The life of a writer is who you're born to be, not a job you just take on. It's who I am, who I'll always be. -Venus