Once Bitten, Twice Die (Review)

Once Bitten, Twice Die
By Anthony J. Stanton
380 pages | November 22nd 2015 | Antony J. Stanton

Is the enemy of my enemy my friend, or should i totally annihilate them both?
Do you think you have read everything to do with zombies? Think again.
If you believed you knew all about vampires, you know nothing.
Do you feel ready for Armageddon? If so, you couldn't be further from the truth. 

A cure for dementia has disastrously failed. Patients are left crazed, infectious and enraged. The ensuing carnage quickly spreads the disease, and civilisation is decimated.
On London’s outskirts a military base shelters some survivors. The soldiers within must battle against the infected who now roam unchallenged. Tensions are high, relationships fraught, death commonplace.
But if they thought the end of the world was bad enough, their troubles have only just begun...
An ancient menace has long existed in secret alongside humanity - a vampire clan, which has recently encountered the soldiers. Now is their time to emerge from the shadows. First though they have to overcome their own problems. They too have to fight for survival against the infected, and they violently disagree on their approach towards the humans.

Hostilities are rising. It's only a matter of time now...

The plague of human error. This Zombie apocalypse book is not quite what you would expect. In the attempts to create a miracle drug, scientists instead, by default created an uncontrollable zombie virus. Talk about bad side effects, wonder if that was in the commercial?

 Now these infected humans are infecting those around them and the epidemic has spread. If that wasn't bad enough to deal with, there are more monsters coming out of nowhere and suddenly the Army base where the story takes place seems to be the last place unaffected by it all.

The story is incredibly well written and intriguing. The book is well paced, slow but not boring and all the characters are incredibly developed. It is hard to find yourself navigating which characters will become the focus of the story, but eventually, it becomes clear.  I am not generally a fan of 'horror' but the truth is this is more of an action book.

Really good. I would recommend this if you're already a fan of Zombie literature. It definitely throws a new twist on it all. 

Anthony J. Stanton

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