The Clay Lion (Review)

The Clay Lion
By Amalie Jahn
258 pages | March 11th 2013 | Bermlord

What if you could go back in time to save the person you love the most?

The rules are simple. If you want to travel back in time, you need to be at least eighteen years old. You can only travel within your own lifespan for a maximum of six months. And above all else, you must never, ever, change the past.

But that's exactly what Brooke Wallace plans to do.

As Brooke faces existence without her beloved brother, his life cut short by a rare disease, she can think of only one solution - travel back in time to prevent his death. However, her attempts at fixing the past challenge her to confront everything she believes to be true about herself. And ultimately, she is forced to discover whether or not we can ever truly be in charge of our own destiny.

This book starts out good, I found myself enjoying it as I went. Then it hits. Suddenly, you’re not enjoying it calmly anymore, suddenly you cannot put it down!  This book took me my surprise, while I thought that I would like it, I never thought that I would enjoy it as much as I did. Time Travel can be a dangerous game and only every once in a while is it done well. This was certainly one of those occasions. 

The book is magically written. You can find yourself lost in the tale, and instantly you are reminded of your own losses. There are people I would do anything to bring back so I could related to Brooke’s struggle and her journey. The opening line hooks you instantly and instead of just a story about loss thought it evolves into a complete journey that you are dragged into. Brooke decides to go back in time and use her government mandated (one trip) travel rule to try and save her brother’s life. 

Unfortunately she discovers that trying to change the past is not always easy.  This book will crush your emotions but, you’ll be glad for it in the end. So I guess what I'm saying is...

I cannot wait to continue this series. If the rest of it is as well written as this book, it's going to be a wild ride. 

Inspired by common threads of the human experience which unite us to one another, as well as the passions of her own heart, Amalie Jahn enjoys writing young adult fiction as a way to share her vision of the world with others. She lives in the United States with her husband, two children, and three extremely well-fed cats. She is also glad time travel does not yet exist.

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