Fuller House (Review)

Fuller House 
February 26th, 2016 | Netflix 

Those who had looked around the blog know that I deal mostly in reviewing books, but every now and again, I tackle film and TV reviews as well. Particularly if they're fangirl relevant. This weekend I was horribly ill, which was awful, but it had one upside. I had the opportunity to binge watch Fuller House entirely guilt free! Bed rest had to be good for something right?

So we begin. For those hardcore Full House fans who binge watched the old series just to prepare themselves, good job. Every nostalgic moment was just for you, every shot for shot recreation.

Herein also lies the problem. Unless you have watched Full House, you're going to be completely lost. Now, it's sort of a lesser of two evils. One evil being for example, Girl Meets World, that brings back your favorite characters but more or less ignores them, whereas this one, kind of ignores the new characters!

The kids only vaguely get their own little plots. Jackson wants the girl. Ramona.... well, I have no idea cause the only time we see much of Ramona is her one Vlog attempt, her school escape attempt, and in the middle of Kimmy Gibbler's drama. She is basically used as a way for Jackson to get his girl. So she doesn't get much development, she's just kind of around. Tommy, I'll let that slide because he's just a baby so he can't really have much of a storyline (although if I recall I feel like the first few episodes of the original Full House centered around baby Michelle's inability to sleep, Jesse and Joey's inability to properly take care of her etc etc.) Max is the only new character that demands any sort of attention.


Elias Harger 

This kid. What can I say? For me, even as a Full House fan, he was the one that made the entire show. He is adorable to start, and his comedic timing is beyond impeccable, especially in front of a live audience! The kid was only seven-years-old and never dropped a beat. Everything he did was 100% he made your laugh, aww, even made your heart hurt. Max even has his own catchphrase! Holy Chalupas. I didn't actually catch the catchphrase until I watched the second half of the season again (I'm sick give me a break) and then I realized that he was the only one saying it. 

He's a mini Danny Tanner with his cleaning abilities and devotion, which is hilarious. He dresses smart and very square. Button up shirts, slacks, polos, the kid is a walking Ralph Lauren Ad. He has a very distinct and defined personality which is what I think makes his character so successful. 

Right now, he's less of the classic middle child and more like the classic little sibling. He adores big bro Jackson and will do whatever his big bro tells him. He wants to go along with the plans no matter how ridiculous just to be involved. He wants to spend a WHOLE SATURDAY WITH JACKSON!?! So badly that he refuses to let his brother out of their 'signed contract' even if it was a misunderstanding. 999 Red m&ms and 1 red skittle later. He is definitely the one to watch!


Almost all the old favorites were back except for Michelle (which we already knew) One of my favorite cameos was Nicky and Alex! They were hilarious and it was nice to see they wanted to come back even though neither of them really act anymore! Since they were so young at the time it literally could have bene anyone that played them so it was a special touch that they made an effort. 


Well, overall I would say that it was a success. Maybe a little ridiculously heavy on the nostalgia, but that was what it was made for. I'm hoping that in the next season they start focusing more on the kids stories as well as seeing the adults move forward with their lives. (There has to be DJ jobs in San Franciso right? Come on Stephanie!) I think overall it was well done, it just needs a little more balance. 

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  1. I loved the nostalgia of it. Full House is my all time favorite show so this was super fun. I loved the jokes about Michelle haha!!! :P