Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (Film Review)

Pride and Prejudice And Zombies
1 hr 40 mins   February 5th 2016

Rating 4/5

Jane Austen's classic tale of the tangled relationships between lovers from different social classes in 19th century England is faced with a new challenge -- an army of undead zombies.

Okay, so I broke down. I ordered this book a couple of week ago, in hopes that it would arrive before the movie was released. It did not, and a friend and I got tickets to opening night pre-screenings so what is a girl to do? Go of course.

This film. I absolutely loved it. I think, you truly have to have a deep seeded love for Pride and Prejudice to appreciate how well they actually managed to maintain the classic story amongst the insanity of a zombie apocalypse. The actors were superb in their roles. Sam Riley's voice at the beginning threw me off a little. It sounded very, strange to me at first, and this was Mr. Darcy, but it grew on me and truthfully, he was stoically Mr. Darcy to perfection. The chemistry and comedy between he and Lily James as Elizabeth was also perfection. You could see them go from hating eachother, to struggling with their pride to eventually accepting their love.

While I know so many people hate the concept of the Zombie addition, I have to admit, it really added  a whole other level to the story. The girls were warriors, but they had trained in China, instead of Japan like all the upper class had. It was another way to try and outcast them, and it worked well. Plus seeing my favorite sisters as Badass warriors was truly inspiring.

My favorite quote of the film was

Lizze: "I will never relinquish my sword for a ring"
Charlotte: "For the right man, you would,"
Lizzie: "The right man wouldn't ask me to."

I mean come on! So true Lizzie so true. Also I loved how Mr. Bennett is still on his daughter's sides in this film but even more so. When Mr. Collin's askes which of his cousins made their meal Mr. Bennett responded with,

"My daughters are trained for battle, sir. Not the kitchen,"

Mr. Bennett the feminist lives on. I remember in the original book when Elizabeth was proposed to my Mr. Collins and he indicated "You mother will never speak to you again if you do not marry him. But I will never speak to you if you do" I remember feeling like, wow, for an old fashioned dude, with everything to lose and no male heir, he was pretty forward thinking, and it was even more fun in this film because he had trained his daughters to be awesome warriors.

Speaking of Mr. Collins, oh my Matt Smith. He was hands down the funniest and ridiculous character in this entire film. Every time he was on the screen I was laughing.

SEE THIS FILM! It is just a lot of fun with beautiful costumes, beautiful accents, and amazing action and choreographed fight scenes. Oh and of course there's also a love story or two to boot.

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