Star Wars: The Force Awakens (movie review)

Star Wars The Force Awakens (Episode VII)
Director: J.J Abrams
Writers: Lawrence Kasdan, J.J. Abrams, Michael Arndt
Based on Characters of George Lucas.
Runtime: 135 mins
Release Date: December 17th 2015
Rating: 4/5

Synopsis: Three decades after the defeat of the Galactic Empire, a new threat arises. The First Order attempts to rule the galaxy and only a rag-tag group of heroes can stop them, along with the help of the Resistance.

Review:  So when I learned that Star Wars was going ahead with Episode VII I was ecstatic. I grew up in the era where the prequel trilogies were released, and while they have their flaws, they were still new and exciting to me, they also brought me, a new generation, into the Fandom I now love so much. So it's safe to say when I got opening night tickets I was enjoying my day more than a non-conformist storm trooper.

So last night I saw the much-anticipated film and aside from my few fangirl squeals (hello C3P0, I've missed you), I was a little (JUST A LITTLE) disappointed in the layout of the film. I think it did a great job of both introducing and making us like, even love, the new characters in the film, but my problem was that the whole story mirrored Episode IV A New Hope.

First we come across an orphan in the desert, named Luke Skywalker...oh no wait, this one is named Rey, and it's a girl. Totally different. Then a droid named R2D2 carrying vital information and an important message to help the resistance stumbles across her in the desert and they become best friends...oh no, wait this one is named BB-8 totally different again.

This orphan in the desert is a naturally gifted pilot, scavenger, and mechanic...named Anakin wait that's the wrong movie again, now we're in Episode I.

 Are you getting my point yet?

Rey, and BB-8 befriend a reluctant runaway criminal/former storm trooper FN-2187 (or Finn as he's so fondly named by BB-8's daring pilot master Poe, and the man Finn helps escape from The New Order (Formerly The Empire).  While Finn is a unique character in his own right, with a struggle and inner battle of his own, he is somewhat resembled as the Han Solo of the new group, the criminal turned hero. The we have the Pilot Poe, who is already resistance and snarky, he is our Leia, with a Luke cross over.

When I saw this scene I was like OMG Luke! No...Poe?

Basically, if this wasn't a Star Wars film, it would be getting sued for Plagiarism. While I appreciate the references/connections that Abrams placed in the film paying homage to the original trilogy, it seemed to have a bit of struggle finding its own feet, instead of standing on the back of it's predecessors.

Everything plays out exactly as it did is a New Hope (with a few new changes here or there) and with reversed characters. The father/son bad guy/good guy fight is just reversed, now SEMI-SPOILER ALERT (skip ahead to characters quotes if you want) the bad guy is Han and Leia's Son, which by the way was revealed in a very nonchalant sort of way, there was no *GASP* moment, which was kind of disappointing.

This mysterious 'bad guy' that everyone but us seems to know so much about, just sort of goes 'Your father is here, Han Solo' and people actually GROANED in the theatre, like 'come on'. I agree because quite honestly, I had not suspected it myself, I knew there was an aura of mystery surrounding him, he was clearly a former Jedi trainee etc. but the fact that it was just... said so casually like that really ruined the discovery.

Also, the way the film ended (which I will not reveal because I am not that cruel) essentially hinted that the next film, is going to be The Empire Strikes Back... Version 2.0. Say what you want about Episodes 1-3 but at least they were their own stories.

While I thoroughly enjoyed this film and left wanting to see the next one, I was not blown away by this new intricate story as I had hoped that I would be. ALSO for those Star Wars fans who are familiar with the future generation stories in the comics, I was a little bit annoyed that names were changed, I mean our Character of Ben Solo, is actually Jacen Solo... so I'm wondering if Abrams is trying to combine Jacen Solo and Ben Skywalker into one character? I mean it would be one thing if they completely threw out the names and the old story all together and named him ...I don't know Tom Solo, but clearly there were trying to keep something.

I guess I will just have to wait and see?

New characters you will love:

BB-8 - R2 knock off or not, he is adorable, cute, funny and loyal. He moves fast and behaves a little like a puppy. His relationship with all the characters (but especially with Poe) is heartwarming. #1 best new character

Rey: She is kick ass. She can fight her own battles, she can fly, and is hella smart. While she is emotionally unstable (being abandoned as a child by a family you can't remember to be a slave on a desert planet will do that to you) she is loyal and cares deeply, quickly about those who come into her life. She has no trouble though giving Finn a piece of her mind when he keeps trying to take her hand.

Finn: or FN-2187. He is a brainwashed Storm Trooper who cannot shake the good in him. Yes, he is a little bit selfish sometimes, more concerned about saving his own skin than helping the resistance, that is until he finds people to care about and then he will do whatever it takes to save them (even if they can save themselves)

Poe: Our handsome, daring pilot, is equipped with an adorable sidekick BB-8 and a wit that just won't quit.

Favorite Quotes:

Poe: "Why Are You Helping Me?"
Finn: "Because It's The Right Thing To Do."
Poe:"...You Need A Pilot."
Finn:"I Need A Pilot."

*intense silence as Kylo Ren captures Poe and they stare face to face*
Poe: " does this go? Do you talk first? Do I talk first?"

Rey: "Stop taking my hand!"

Finn: "Why Does Everyone Want To Go Back To Jakku?!"

Lor San Tekka: "Without The Jedi, There Can Be No Balance In The Force."

Recommendation: See this. What are you waiting for Star Wars fans, go now! Why are you even reading this?