Review Policy

Thank for taking the time to go over my Review Policy.

Authors and Publishers

You can request a review by e-mailing me at and/or filling in the contact form below.

I accept YA titles from all sources, indie authors are more than welcome to submit review requests.

ARC and already published titles are welcome. I am a relatively quick reader so I can have a review posted in a timely fashion.

Genres Accepted


*on a case by case basis*

Will not Review

Non-Fiction (May make exception for memoirs or true crime)

Accepted Formats

Paperback ARCs are preferred whenever possible, as it’s much easier to take notes or pass around to get more reviews. They also receive priority in the reviewing queue. They also typically get more promotion due to the fact that I can do pretty blog posts for them Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr.

However, EPUBs, Mobi, PDF's are all welcome. I do have a NetGalley account so if you have your title listed feel free to forward the link.

Types Of Reviews

Written Review

*Written reviews will always be accompanied by a social media Blitz post-review. This includes Twitter, Facebook, *Instagram, Tumblr and Google+.    (*Instagram only for paperback books)

Promo Post - If you would just like me to post information on your book, with an excerpt, author info, purchase links etc, I would happily do that as well.

Book Blitz - if you're running a deal or need attention for your book/event I will happily participate in a social media blitz.


I am a quick reader, however, I do request at least 3-4 weeks to be able to have the book read and a review ready.

This timeline begins from when I accept your book for review. Just because you sent me a request does not mean that I am already reviewing it. I will respond indicating whether or not I'm interested in your title first. I love to read but something must catch my fancy first. You don't want me reviewing a book I didn't like.

Honesty Policy

Honesty is the best policy. While I try never to be negative in my reviews I will be honest. If I did not like the book I will say so and I will outline the particular reasons why. If I did not finish the book, I will not review it because it is unfair to post an opinion based on something I was unable to complete. I will let you know.


I will rate the books out of 5 stars

Review Request Form
This is the information I will require for any request. 

*Giveaway ExamplesFree paperback? Amazon GC? Free Ebook? Etc. I can set up a rafflecopter that will drive traffic to your social media sites.

*Reviewer Share: Would you like me to contact my blogger list to see if any fellow bloggers are interested in reviewing your title? If yes, you agree to allow me to distribute this title to them for review at my discretion. NOTE: Reviewer share requires only Ebook copies for other bloggers. 

*all accepted reviewers must send me their link once their review is completed and I will forward this to you along with my own review links. 

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